My name is Yaroslava Liseeva. I am a painter.

I was born in Moscow in 1969. Graduated from Moscow State University - Geography Faculty - in 1993. I have never worked as a geographer but the love for travelling is still with me in my heart.

My main passion, the passion of my life is painting.

I have been painting for many years already.  In 1996-2002 I learned drawing and painting at the studio of Vladimir Akulinin (the member of the ‘Movement’ group of Kinetic Art in the sixties). 

My path to the art was long - I was trying to escape from it and  seek myself in  a lot of other activities - I worked as a lampworker (lampwork is - creating glass beads in the flame of the gas torch),  studied coaching and psychology, so there were  years when I didn’t take a brush at all and thought that I will never ever do it again. But it is very hard to withstand the ‘inner voice’ which is calling you back to canvas. And  since 2016 I have been painting more and more and now it became my main occupation.




I have been developing my style for many years, starting from teenage, when I was in love with Chinese painting and calligraphy. I practiced brush strokes for many hours then. Later I was drawing some abstract things only with strong and quick lines. With  time it all gone through a bit of transformation and came into my oil paintings.

For me my paintings are a kind of maps with ‘isolines of my soul’ (very geographical approach, definitely from my past!).  Lines of tension and movement directing the flow of the brush strokes. The ideas for my works often come out of nowhere, all of a sudden. Suddenly I see something in an ordinary landscape, and feel inside an impulse, a cluster of some tension, which needs to be released. At that moment the movement starts - quick or slow, sharp or fluent, which I transfer to canvas. I can call this the Flow - flow of the energy of my feelings, my mind, my soul.
Sometimes I have a theme or even themes I want to paint. I keep them in mind and just wait to catch a moment, when I see something and get the answer. It may take time, even years to find and feel the right impulse. But I am always ready for that.


The main subject for me is the Nature with its forces and energy. It contains chaos and regularity at the same time. But as people we can't bear chaos for a long time and need to organize it to feel more stability. For me the ‘isolines’ have organizing function – they restrain and  arrange the chaos for us and let it flow. 


I love to paint trees. The outlines of trunks and branches can tell a lot. In the forest the trees are straight and tall. They strive for light and sun. Trunks and branches which are open to constant winds often succumb to the direction of the prevailing winds. I paint young trees, old trees, some are solo, some are interacting with one another - leaning on each other or diverging. Every tree has its own energy and story imprinted in every bend, and  it reminds me of our life with its stretches, turns and twists.
I almost never include people into my painting. For me the most important is the one who is looking at the work. I think that in that case we better feel our own personal involvement into the process.

The time of the art of painting, as many modern art-critics say, nowadays is passing, because of new technologies which bring to life new art forms. This might be true in some way. But on the other hand fine arts are still alive and are in demand. We try to look into the future, talk about technological singularity. But we never can be sure about anything. May be our descendants become robotized, and the computer will soon pass the Turing test, or maybe the mankind will destroy itself, or our tired planet will destroy everything... but we are here today, living in chaotic times, overloaded with tons of information, social networks, news. And our minds are full, but we still have feelings, emotions and soul, which long for contemplation and connection with nature and arts.


For whom do I create my paintings? Certainly in the first place I paint, because I cannot but do it; I release the tension inside me and thus express myself- my internal status and my attitude to the world . But I also know that I paint in order to tell people, how important it is just to make a stop and to open one’s eyes and see, listen, feel. We can see so many things just when we tune ourselves for that, everything in the world is moving,  flowing, connected, interpenetrated. And when we observe with all our senses we can find the contact with the meaning important for us.


Contemporary Art in our postmodernist world often needs a lot of knowledge and intellectual work for understanding. But people also need art for their hearts, for the emotional and soul development. In my works I paint  images, which are clear and easy to understand - the trees, sea, lake, wind, rain. For me it is important to arise  feelings in people - feelings of the movement, of the energy flow, interconnection of the forces of nature such as water, air, earth, and the feeling of our our inclusion in these processes.
 I know that people would find and feel not only my ideas, which I put into my works. I feel very happy when people find and feel something different. It is like the metaphoric cards in psychology, when everyone finds his or her own meaning from the image. Our world is so full of meanings for everyone, everyone sees one’s own aspects in the same things. And that makes us all unique humans.